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Title: Velcro belt
Post by: 29thInfantry on May 15, 2018, 04:54:09 PM
Does anyone here use a velcro type belt for their EDC?  I have been working as an appliance repair tech and have had to use a velcro style belt without the buckle so you do not scratch the appliances while working on them.  I am liking not having a buckle but am not sure about the velcro for a gun belt. 

Title: Re: Velcro belt
Post by: RLS on May 16, 2018, 07:10:46 PM
I have been wearing a Wilderness belt of one form or another exclusively for over fifteen years. Currently I use the Frequent Flyer, it has the polymer ring buckle and is velcro secured.  The Wilderness belts work well for bearing the load of a handgun. I have carried a variety of guns, 1911 style, SIG 229, S&W N-Frame to cite a few with no issues belt wise. I also carried a phone and spare ammo on the belt and often times a second gun.

I started with the Wilderness Instructor. I'd wear a cover for the buckle if I went on the production floor when I worked. A cheap alternative to a new belt is to use a terry cloth wrist band as a buckle cover.

The nice thing about the velco is the adjustment, one can get a personal fit and be restricted to the holes on a regular belt.