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Title: A Warning From The Great White North
Post by: Clarence on May 06, 2020, 06:39:13 PM
A homicidal maniac goes on a shooting and arson spree killing over 20. This individual goes after a former girlfriend and then just starts killing and burning.  This in a nation with severe draconian gun laws.  This individual is armed with illegally obtained firearms but yet the government of Canada has decided that law abiding gun owners, the ones that have jumped through all the hurdles to legally   acquire their  firearms must be the ones who must be punished.

Taking the Liberal socialistic adage of “not letting a crisis go to waste” the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Has bypassed his rubberstamp Parliament and by decree has banned every semi automatic rifle in the country. 

Let this be a warning to us Americans: If we elect a Democrat in this next election they will use the same method of executive orders to ban our firearms as well and such a move would be rubberstamped by a Supreme Court that they would put in place.

Do not sit back smugly and think that this cannot happen here because of our Second Amendment. Don’t tell me what the law is tell me who the judge is. 

We cannot Allow the socialist left to ever get their hands on the United States Supreme Court

Title: Re: A Warning From The Great White North
Post by: Just Bill on May 06, 2020, 10:42:49 PM
What you said is absolutely correct, but there will be people that say, Oh no, not here.  And there are also people that will say, it should happen here.  As we that pay attention have come to understand, once a freedom is lost, it is impossible or very difficult to get it back.  Don't just sit back and watch, talk to everyone that our Constitution is one liberal win away from doom.  Our present circumstance should alert us all to that.
Title: Re: A Warning From The Great White North
Post by: SturmRugerSR9 on December 29, 2020, 01:44:31 PM
So, how does the Nashville bombing on Christmas day tie in to your theory of May 2020?