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Author Topic: Dry-Fire Laser Training..  (Read 11035 times)
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« on: December 06, 2013, 03:57:30 PM »

Dry-Fire Laser Training..

This is basically some of the info I've gained in my search for a home training system. I have not purchased or used any of these products at this time but I thought I'd share this with you folks and I'm open for input from anyone here as to your thoughts and especially if you have used any of these or other such products. Feel free to add any input Smiley

I've looked at these on and off for the last year and really like the idea for home training especially where its both the wife and I and likely our boy in a few years. While expensive the additional types of training they offer added to saved ammo costs does make them somewhat easier to purchase. There are a number of different types which include the above mentioned LaserLyte as well as SureStrike, Laser Marksman, Beamhit and ReadyShot being a few I've looked at.

  • LaserLyte runs about $200.. about $120 for the electric base and $80-$120 for a multi-caliber bore laser. Easy and uncomplicated setup. Several additional accessories available including Reaction targets, Tip-over tin-cans, bore/cartridge/sight lasers and more. Choice of either a front multi-caliber bore laser or specific caliber specific cartridge lasers. The bore lasers do not extend far out the bore which is nice.
    • I like the LaserLyte products as it still offers some basic electronic feedback and some fun add-ons like the Tip-over cans. Of the more basic setups this one I favor most.
    • Grin Fans of Rob Pincus can watch his demonstration of this product here on YouTube.
  • SureStrike (Glock's Laser Ammo) runs about $150 and includes 1 9mm cartridge laser. Simple adapters (though more limited to LaserLyte) slide over the 9mm cartridge allow it to also fit 40, 44Mag, 45ACP, 45LC, 12G & 20G Shotgun, .223 & 308 Rifles. Small roughly 2" highly reflective targets. The Cartridge Laser I'm told works on the LaserLyte electric base.
    • I like the SureStrike for its simplicity and its certainly the cheapest setup (with included targets, though basic). What I don't like about it is there is no feedback. Also any of the lasers from the other systems gives you the same ability.
  • Laser Marksman (AIMTech) runs about $220 to start with ($100 for 3" Laser Target and $120 for the Bore Laser Insert). Stepping up to the Safe Target System (STS) 2.0 will run $400 plus the Bore Laser Insert.
    • I like this setup. It seems to be simple where one could buy the Bore Laser Insert to point and shoot at in-house targets. Add the 3" Laser Target and for just over $200 you can get some feedback with additional options including a Virtual Shot Timer (through steeply priced at about $290!). What I really like is their STS 2.0 system which can be used on your PC, Laptop or TV screen or combined with a projector can give you a Virtual Shooting range in-house with some nice shooting options and feedback.
  • Beamhit (Eotech) has a wide number of offerings ranging from portable units (models 110 & 115) to software units that you fire directly at a computer screen (model 190) to long range hardware modules used in the field (more then I'm looking for). The 110 model runs about $300 and prices go up.. and up.. and up!
    • Honestly, way to many models for the average person. The models 110, 115 & 190 along with a few others look nice and I'd say likely of better quality then some others. If your a serious shooter they will certainly have something for you. Admitted I haven't read up on all their systems but I do plan on doing so shortly. Whats stopped me is an initial thought that many of their components are not compatible with other systems.
  • ReadyShot runs about $350 however its manufacture AND caliber specific. Meaning they only support Glock, Springfield XD/XD(M) & S&W M&P then specifying the caliber also. Looks good and some different features built in but not something you can really use with different firearms.
    • Again this looks like a great system if you ONLY want to use it in one firearm that you carry daily and its in its limited number of choices. For me I want a system I can use in my daily carry AND my various other firearms. If all you have is a Glock 17 and that's it, this might be a nice setup for you.

At this time I'm looking at the LaserLyte and Laser Marksman systems. Deciding factor will likely be if I think I'll splurge on the STS 2.0 system or not. If not the additional add-ons with the LaserLyte would win over just the target and laser of the marksman setup. I see a phone call to LM asking a few questions on the STS system though. Choices...  Cheesy

Again.. looking for any input from members here. I'm relatively new to firearms and if used seriously I believe these laser systems can be a very effective way to train without hitting the range all the time.

Robert Williams
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2017, 11:28:05 AM »

Really good info for me, appreciate you...  Grin
del elec
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« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2017, 05:12:04 PM »

itargetpro is the way to go now. Gets you going for about $100. Uses an app on your smart phone.

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