Gun Teacher Accidentally Shoots Student


The title says it all.  I guess there was no farmer's market close by for him to drive into.


PONTIAC, Mich., May 7 (UPI) -- Police said a Michigan concealed weapons teacher accidentally shot a student in the face during a demonstration.

Investigators said the 74-year-old teacher accidentally discharged a bullet from a .38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday during a class in Oakland County, WDIV-TV, Detroit, reported Thursday.

The bullet ricocheted off a table and struck a 52-year-old student in the face. The student was taken to Troy Beaumont Hospital to receive treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

The teacher told investigators he thought the gun was loaded with plastic bullets.

Police said the shooting is being treated as accidental and no charges have been filed.

Hopefully he refunded the guys tuition!  moron. 

" OK students this is how not to treat a loaded weapon"    lol

Isn't rule number one to always treat all guns as if they are LOADED???????? ???


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