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Bucks Co PA for LTCF


From their FB page.  Fot those interested in getting their PA LTCF.

--- Quote ---n the wake of the events of the last week or two there has been a huge up take in License to Carry issuance. The numbers of licenses being issued for the last week are triple, I'm not kidding Triple that of normal. Wait times are averaging between 2-3 hours or more at both Doylestown and Levittown offices. Please allow for the proper wait time and please be patient with my staff as they are working and processing as fast and as efficiently as possible. Stay safe and health and be kind to one another.
- Sheriff Warrell
--- End quote ---

Yep. Anarchy is a very short trip away.  I was planning to move away in approximately 2 years, but I have moved that up to less than 1 year. Just tying up loose ends. Florida, here I come.

Due to the surge in LTC inquiry and processing we are forced to cease issuing a License to Carry Firearms to anyone outside of Bucks County (Proof of Residency) and out of state until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We hope to explore this again in the future once things level out. Stay tuned.

Just Bill:
Media may be two trips, but it is still available,,,,,I think.

Berks ( Reading) is best.  One trip. Two trips is too much for us from LSD (Lower Slower Delaware)


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