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advanced Training Classes
« on: February 05, 2013, 09:21:56 PM »
  anyone done any local advanced training classes


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Re: advanced Training Classes
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Here is one of the next level CCDW clases that we offer. We have a beautiful 260 acre property located just outside of Odessa that we use for these classes. If you go and check us out on FaceBook at 302-Tac-Ops-Group you can see a short video clip of some range work being done.


Handgun II

That’s Right OFFENSIVE!!

Cost: $250 1 Day Course is about 9 Hours

This course is designed to help you develop the skill set needed to be proficient in the art of gun fighting. This course is specifically designed to enhance your skills in all of the following areas, Mindset of the Gunfight, Combative Shooting Fundamentals, Grip, Stance, and Sight Picture, Drawing from the Holster, Drawing from Concealment, Speed and Tactical Reloading, Shooting While Moving, Use of Cover and Concealment, Reloading, Shot Placement, Double Taps, Engaging Multiple Targets, Moving Targets, Long Range Accuracy, Malfunction Clearing and Failure drills all done under STRESS and in Scenario based settings.


This is the course you will need when your life depends on you making that split second decision under stress and pressure to place those rounds on target effectively, accurately, and methodically.

We have developed dry practice drills for you to utilize to keep this skill set honed and razor sharp for the times you can’t make it to the range.

You will be introduced to real Gun on Gun Scenarios through the use of Air soft Guns.

This class is great for anyone from the CCW Permit Holder to the Competitive Shooter to the Law Enforcement Officer to the Real World Operator anyone who relies on their gun for everyday protection will gain something from this class.

Gear needed: POSITIVE MIND SET, Functioning Firearm .38 or above, 3 to 5 Magazines or Relaoders for Revolvers, Magazine Holder, Belt, Eye and Ear Protection, Rain Gear.

Ammo Requirement: 700 Rounds per Day of this course

Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Hot, Humid, WE SHOOT!!!

Dress Accordingly….302 897 6260 Ask for Bill


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Re: advanced Training Classes
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  anyone done any local advanced training classes

Advanced Level I and Advanced Level II courses are also being carried out regularly at the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club.  You do not need to be a club member to attend any of the courses we teach.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.!