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Stantander Arena in Reading.

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Anyone ever go to this venu with their CCW?  Going to a concert on the 20th there.  Was curious if they wand you going in or if there is any other metal detectors there?


Don't know about metal detectors but check it out  Regards to all at GT  I did some further checks and it appears that there are metal detectors in both of the Santander facilities in Reading.


Thanks for the info good sir.  Looks like at least carrying into the center is no go.  Not real happy about it honestly but what can you do?  We are going up to see Mercy Me and Jermy Camp in concert.  Not to comfortable locking the gun up in the car either.  What would you guys do?

I've never been to the place.  I would call and see if there is a sub station/court IN the facility like Well Fargo.
Flyers game you can request an escort (IF they detect it) to security and they have lockers.  In PA court facilities
are required by law to provide secure storage.

This is a law wish Delaware would adopt.


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