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Family thing


Just Bill:
I see several couples announcements in the concealed carry ads in the News Urinal.  The family that shoots together has a good backup.  Can you imagine the surprise on the bad guys when they come at them from both sides....oops, wrong house!!!


I see the same thing in Sussex County.  The 60-75 weekly announcements in the guide are just about 50-50 male / female    Most people in Kent and Sussex use The Guide.

Mrs. Clarence and I put our notices in together in 2013

Good hope more do.  I trained a hubby & wife team

I have had a CCL for many years. I am a Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. My son has a CCL in another state. His son has a CCL in that same state. And, now a grandson here is seeking a CCL. Talk about a "family thing", that's 3 generations all carrying and supporting the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

God Bless America!!

being safe:
I totally agree, my father had a CCL for many years before he passed away and my son and I went thru the course together, great father and son bonding keeping OUR families safe. Yes I am a grandfather and he is a father too.


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