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2021 Renewal "reason for permit"

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--- Quote from: Radnor on November 20, 2020, 09:31:21 PM ---You're in NCC, want it notarized?

--- End quote ---
Hey Radnor, I've done a couple of renewals and have not had them notarized, is it required?

Based on the form, I'd say yes.

(5) The license issued upon initial application shall be valid for 3 years. On or before the date of expiration of such initial license, the licensee, without further application, may renew the same for the further period of 5 years upon payment to the Prothonotary of a fee of $65, and upon filing with said Prothonotary an affidavit setting forth that the carrying of a concealed deadly weapon by the licensee is necessary for personal protection or protection of the personís property, or both, and that the person possesses all the requirements for the issuance of a license and may make like renewal every 5 years thereafter; provided, however, that the Superior Court, upon good cause presented to it, may inquire into the renewal request and deny the same for good cause shown. No requirements in addition to those specified in this paragraph may be imposed for the renewal of a license.


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