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I will be applying for my permit within the next month. About three years ago I started the process but never completed it a few things came up. I completed a certified  class and  i published it in the local newspaper paper.
I have copies of both. Can I use them or do I need to retake the course and republish it in the paper.
I have no problem doing this.
I just did not want to waste the money it I did not need to.
 I also didnít want to apply and my application be denied because  my newspaper publication or the CCW course was from 2017.
Please give me your honest opinion. This will be my first time truly applying and I would like to get it correct the first time.


If I remember correctly, atleast my class was only valid for 1 year( it could have been two, I would reach out to your instructor) but I know you will have to re-do the news paper part. That is only valid for a certain amount of days.

The ad is good.
The certificate and finger prints are not.

If you want a class, I offer it.  Complete it in 1 day.  Will have all forms needed with me too.
If you're interested, phone number is in my profile or PM me here.

Any idea how much the state police charge for fingerprinting?

65-70 not sure


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