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Told that the application was approved over a month ago

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I applied for the first time December 1, 2020. I was told over the phone by the Prothonotary's office that the application was approved and in the system, they were even nice enough to provide me the Permit#.  That was at the end of May - beginning of June.  Does anyone know what the next step is and why it takes so long if the application has already been approved and Processed.  This process is all very new to me, Is this normal? Should I expect this when its time for renewal?

Just Bill:
The person involved in promptly getting permits issued only works  from 12-1 and takes a one hour lunch break.  Yours is due to be processed by 2023.  Please be patient.


I applied on Dec 8 2020 told the same thing. Someone finally answered the phone on Thursday said all applications for new ccw were froze until August 1 as still working on renewals. Well lets wait and see what the new excuse will be now that it is August 3rd.

So, we wait another six months to get our permits?? "are you serious?"?!


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