Author Topic: "More Delawareans seeking personal protection"  (Read 2775 times)


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"More Delawareans seeking personal protection"
« on: February 01, 2016, 03:57:16 PM »
In December 2015, the state of Delaware received 348 concealed carry applications, more than double the 155 from the previous December.

There were 2,614 permit applications in 2015 as opposed to 1,674 in 2014. Each month last year had more applications that the previous year.


Smyrna Sporting Goods owner Brian Brown sees the folks who are purchasing weapons.

The business has made 23,000 sales in 11 years, he said.

“There’s been a huge influx of people looking for guns to purchase that would suit them for protection,” he said.

Times have changed, he said.

“It seems like years ago you had to have a specific reason to want to conceal a gun, like you were working late and in a dark place or carrying money from a business,” he said. “Now it seems like people are getting them for basic personal protection.”


According to a Crime Prevention Research Center report in July 2014, 11,113,013 Americans held concealed carry permits, or 4.8 percent of the total population. Delaware had 5,000 active permits as of Dec. 31, 2011, according to the General Accounting Office, and ranked No. 42 among states with .8 percent of the adult population with permits.


To meet the demands of permit requests, the Department of Justice has two investigators tasked with working on applications for license to carry concealed deadly weapons. Four other staffers, including a deputy attorney general, also spend some time processing and reviewing applications eventually returned to Superior Court.

Once sent to Superior Court, the resident judge of each county has the final review of the application, paperwork and Department of Justice position “prior to rendering a decision on the application,” Chief Staff Attorney Linda Carmichael said.

There is no data regarding the frequency of a resident judge denying a permit that’s been recommended by the Attorney General’s office, Ms. Carmichael said.

“The Superior Court does not gather or maintain that information,” she said.

Concealed carry permit application information is filed with Superior Court, and the Prothonotary sends duplicates of all documents to the Attorney General’s office in the county it was filed.
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I have long said you DEians need to find out the # of DE CCWs so that you can gauge your progress in advancing our RKBA in DE. (See: Seems like this article has laid the groundwork for DECCWers to follow up on once each year.
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Re: "More Delawareans seeking personal protection"
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Interesting article with a ton of information that hadn't been published before regarding Delaware CCDW stats.


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Re: "More Delawareans seeking personal protection"
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good article...enjoyed the read
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Re: "More Delawareans seeking personal protection"
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good article...enjoyed the read

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